jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Welcome to English speaking guests!

Wonderful remodeled house in Tigre, on the riverside  with  great  balconies overlooking River Luján in Tigre, the most wonderful place of Buenos Aires, Argentina
It has  6 rooms , alla of them  with private bathroom, fully equipped  with  13 + beds.
Kitchen  fully equipped with oven refrigerator , dishes, cups, glasses and  cutlery.
Beautiful garden  with pond  and  cascade. Open air jacuzzi, gallery, terrace , hammocks, big living room .

Great location!  I rent the entire house and /or rooms.

You have  here plenty of places to visit and delight
 yourself  discovering Tigre ( www.vivitigre.gov.ar) and  the uisland  of the Delta of the Paraná. There arte lots of restaurants, Casino Trillenium, a huge Theatre, the enormous market of Puerto de Frutos , the amusement park Parque de la Costa,  a lots of historical museums and Museo de Arte de Tigre   (www.mat.gov.ar) all wirthin walking distance from my house, and a myriad of ships  sho take you to a lot of recreational areas in Delta island, plus day  trips to nearby Uruguay. Ther are lots of rowing  and  kayaking clubs, boats  and  yachts tyo let  , for rental or to go  on a trip... But this house is so wonderful that you  will to stay and relax in it!    

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